I’ve just come back from a trip to Tanzania, where I, together with 7 others (and a lot of guides and porters), climbed up Kilimanjaro. An absolutely fantastic experience that I’d not want to be without – and at the same time something that I’ve no interest in doing again – at least not within the next couple of years ;)

It was incredibly exhausting – especially the last trek to the summit – and I didn’t get to take quite as many pictures as I’d assumed I would. Mainly because a DSLR is a bit cumbersome to get out whenever there’s an interesting subject, but also because my habit of holding my breath when taking pictures, makes managing with thin air quite tough.

In any case though – I did get around to taking a few hundred shots – gallery is below (6/4 – Updated with the last set of photos).

Time for an upgrade…

My trusty Nikon D5000 has been with me for over 4 years, and has done well. But – in preparation for a coming holiday, I decided now was the time for an upgrade. Enter, Nikon D7100. A fantastic piece of hardware, and obviously in a different class than the D5x00 series cameras. It has buttons for everything, and it doesn’t feel artificially limited like it’s smaller siblings sometimes do (lacking bracketing, and similar features) – and the auto-iso feature is working quite well too.

I’ve not had much time to shoot with it yet, but have managed a few decent shots. More will most probably be coming in a few weeks :)