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There are probably only a handful of people on the Internet that have not at some point thought, “Hey, I should make a blog! It will be interesting, fantastic, and I will finally get a well-deserved piece of that Internet-fame that everyone seems to be getting. This is a Great Idea!”.

I’m obviously not one of those few.

Who am I?

The short story: I was born in Denmark in 1983, and lived there until 2016 (except for some longer stays in Germany (2 years), New Zealand (4 months) and Austria (3 months)), until I got the offer to join Verity Studios in Z├╝rich.

That is also where I’m currently working as an R&D Engineer, focusing on software. Education-wise, I have a Ph.d. and a Masters degree in robotics and computer systems engineering, specialized in the more embedded topics, such as programmable logic, low-level networks and microcontrollers, and feeling most at home in C/C++ and VHDL.

Number one spare time hobby is photography, which will hopefully also be evident from the blog entries.

So, enjoy the posts – any comments or questions are of course more than welcome.

– Simon Falsig

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