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Belated winter impressions

Ouch. Almost one year passed by before I could get around to make another post. There are probably two main reasons for that…

First, my main 24-120mm lens started making funny noises in March, and subsequently spent several months in repair, waiting for a faulty VR unit to be replaced (slowed down by the supply-chain issues that have plagued basically every bit of the tech-sector). That left me with only a 50mm lens, that, although very nice, limited my usual motivation for taking pictures.

In other circumstances, I might have cherished this opportunity to grow as a photographer, by exploring and developing my composing skills with just a single focal length available – but as this somewhat coincided with the birth of my daughter in early May, there were more important things to do from then on… Since then, life has changed for us in Bonstetten – less time spent on hiking, travel and photography (except for tons of baby pictures, of course), more time spent enjoying life with the most wonderful little girl :)

I did not want to leave 2022 without any posts at all though, so digging through the many, many baby pictures, I found a couple of photos from last winter, that, considering that we’ve arrived in December once again, I thought I could finally get posted.

Starting out, there are a handful of pictures from a very wintery Bonstetten. It wasn’t as snowy as the winter before, but still enough to qualify for “real” winter.

In addition, my wife and I also managed a weekend trip to very cozy Dalin in the western mountains of Graub√ľnden. We found a small holiday-apartment, and enjoyed nice hikes, beautiful views, and just generally had a good time!

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