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A slightly shameless plug

There’s a nice company in Denmark doing canvas print of photos called Sumopix – I have a 100x60cm canvas of one my photos (a lotus flower in a small water basin outside a temple overlooking Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan) decorating one of the walls in my living room, and am really happy with it. Interesting thing is, they also let individuals apply for approval as “artists”, and will then let you upload your own photos to their artist database, for others without photos of their own to use. Should someone else decide to order a canvas print of one your photos, you’ll get a nice percentage of the order total.

I got approved some time ago, and currently have five photos uploaded on my Sumopix Artist profile. I haven’t exactly been able to quit my day-job just yet, but to my surprise, I actually sold two prints of the “Winter” photo last year. Pretty nice feeling, and just knowing that someone else actually wants to have your stuff hanging on their wall is kinda more worth than the percentages I got…

I’ve added some scaled-down versions of the images currently on my Sumopix profile, and also included a quick snap of how my own print looks on my living room wall. Be sure to go buy a few prints of my photos if you like them ;)

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