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I’ve just come back from a trip to Tanzania, where I, together with 7 others (and a lot of guides and porters), climbed up Kilimanjaro. An absolutely fantastic experience that I’d not want to be without – and at the same time something that I’ve no interest in doing again – at least not within the next couple of years ;)

It was incredibly exhausting – especially the last trek to the summit – and I didn’t get to take quite as many pictures as I’d assumed I would. Mainly because a DSLR is a bit cumbersome to get out whenever there’s an interesting subject, but also because my habit of holding my breath when taking pictures, makes managing with thin air quite tough.

In any case though – I did get around to taking a few hundred shots – gallery is below (6/4 – Updated with the last set of photos).


  1. Ejgil Ejgil

    Hej Simon, din far gav mig lige et tip til at se din blok. Det er da noget af en udfordrende tur, du der har været på. Pas på den slags udfordringer, det kan blive vanedannende :)

    Bente og Ejgil, Varde.

    • simon simon

      Jo tak – udfordrende var det i hvert fald! Har dog umiddelbart endnu ikke nogen større trang til at gentage bedriften, men kan jo være det kommer med tiden ;)

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