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Visit from home!

Sometimes, one of the things I miss from Denmark, is the extra week of holiday. But luckily, my friends back in Denmark still have that – meaning they once in a while have time to come visit! This was the case during the week of Easter this year, so I took up the task of making sure they got a good taste of what Switzerland has to offer.

Having spent the first two days in and closely around Zürich, I was finally able to take a day off work – so we rented a car, and went on to find some real mountains! First trip was a hike at the eastern part of Vierwaldstättersee – a very beautiful area with mountains, forests and a large lake spreading across numerous valleys (regular readers may even recognize some of the scenery from previous hikes – in particular my Schwyz hiking post from last year ;). The plan was to drive to the small town of Bauen, take the ferry to Rütli, and then hike back. This proved to even be educational, as Rütli is where the original oath of the Swiss Confederacy was sworn, and much of path we would be hiking was part of the “Weg der Schweiz” hiking route – with a stage for each of the 26 cantons.

Apart from being educational, the hike obviously also offered absolutely fantastic views – and with a quick detour to a local cheese shop, my friends definitely got to experience a good bit of Switzerland :)

On the following day, with slightly sore feet, and not feeling like spending too long in the car, we opted for a less demanding route closer to Zürich, and headed to Einsiedeln. With a first stop at the impressive monastery, we had a nice walk along the shores of the Sihlsee (learning a bit about the creation of it along the way), before enjoying a nice piece of cake at a local konditorei, and then taking a quick detour to visit Rapperswil on our way back.

My friends had another day to spend, and enjoyed some even realer mountains near Interlaken – but sadly without me, as I was back to work. All in all though, a very enjoyable week – great company, mostly great weather (especially after the first day being rainy and cold), lots of Swiss experiences, and just generally a very very good time! Now I’m hoping that they’ll go spread the word, so that I can get some more visits from home ;)

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