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Easter-getaway to Germany

After a trip to Kuwait and a visit from a good handful of friends from Denmark, April had already provided lots of experiences and good fun – but more was in store! With the extra holidays provided by Easter, my girlfriend and I had also planned to visit some friends living close to the Bodensee in Germany. I had driven past it on a few of the summer-holiday trips south I had been doing with my family many years ago, but had never really had the chance to do more than that – which proved to be a bit of a shame, as the area is absolutely stunning!

We stayed on the northern shore of the lake, and started out with a very nice walk through the many flowering fruit-plantations. The weather was amazing, with sun, warmth and clear blue skies, and a bit of elevation provided for some amazing views across the lake, and into Switzerland. It was even so clear, that we could see the top of Säntis (which we could also see back when we were on one of our winter hikes – just from the other side).

After a quick pit-stop, tasting some of the local wine, we walked back along the shore of the lake, enjoying the sunset. A very cozy evening and morning later, we were on our way back to Zürich – taking the ferry across the lake to Konstanz, just to really get the last part of the holiday enjoyed as much as possible.

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