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Frogs n’ Flowers

After a couple of months with much to do, my wife and I finally had a weekend free. We (or at least, I) had big ideas about going to the mountains, staying multiple days to really unwind and see some of the places that you usually don’t get to see on a single-day trip.

But then came the weather forecast and put a damper on all that. Overcast, rain, cold over all of Switzerland for most of the weekend. Oh well. Only Saturday morning looked somewhat decent.

Out thus went the fancy plans, and in came a more modest one – a biketrip to the nearby Park Seleger Moor, that our neighbor had given us a tip about the day before. The park had been created back in the 50’s, and now houses a crazy amount of rhododendrons, ferns, bees, birds, and all kind of other both flora and fauna.

We were greeted by flowering rhododendrons in all colors and sizes, and an army of birds that provided a wonderful, continuous soundtrack for our visit, while we strolled along the criss-crossing paths of the park – worrying only about colliding with the rather huge bumblebees that were also enjoying the flowers. I’d have loved to have a few more lenses handy – macro or telephoto in particular – but managed a few colorful shots even so…

Might not have been the mountain views that I had been planning for, but let’s see if summer won’t provide an opportunity or two for that… Under the circumstances, this was definitely a spectacular substitute.

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