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I’ve stated it at least a couple of times on here, that I’m quite fond of autumn – yes, it’s usually colder, wetter and darker than summer, but with the added freshness and better opportunities for coziness inside, and the fact that it also gets absolutely beautiful, definitely means that autumn has something going for it also.

Due to a slightly busy calendar for both me and my girlfriend, we sadly haven’t made it out on any longer hikes during the past months, but at least Zürich with its surroundings is not too bad either. Spending a few hours at the lake, going for a quick walk in the nearby forest, or doing my now traditional autumn-trip to Albis Hochwacht, is something that is quick and flexible to plan, and can be fitted in on demand when time and weather allows. And bringing the camera along, allows to capture a few of the wonderful scenes.

The set of pictures below is a mix of some of these – with a few from Lyon added. I went there on a work-related trip, so there wasn’t much time for dedicated photography, but the location was well-placed to give me a walk through the expansive Parc de la Tête d’Or every morning – complete with amazing colors, geese and lots of squirrels.

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