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Hmm… Lately it seems that my posts have gotten a bit too seasonal, as in, one per season – but at least there are posts! Things are busy, and the lack of real winter (with rain instead in many places) has limited the amount of winter hiking that we’ve felt like doing – but not completely eliminated it ;)

Back in January, we spent a day in Braunwald. A car-free city (seeing as a train is only way to get there) in Glarus, not too far from Zürich, but still very much in the “real” mountains. The weather was great, although a bit hazy, and except for a couple of segments on the route that were a bit unpleasant in the somewhat warm conditions, it was an amazing hike – great views, lovely food, and just finally a bit of snow!

A few weeks later, I made it up to Uetliberg early in the morning to catch a bit of golden morning light. I was lucky enough to have chosen a day with very clear weather also – giving a near-perfect view of the alps – including peaks such as Eiger and Mönch. Sadly no snow like two years ago, but still a decent and very refreshing way to spend a Saturday morning.


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    Wow, flotte billeder, Simon

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