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Spring in lockdown

Like most of the rest of the world, Switzerland is currently in a state of lockdown. Luckily not as bad as in other places though, meaning that I’ve still been able to go out and enjoy the fabulous spring we’ve been having (of course while keeping a good distance to other people with the same idea).

Maybe it’s due to not being able to just pick and choose between all the various options usually available in and around Zürich – or maybe it’s just the amazing weather – but I’m feeling as if I’ve been (and am!) enjoying spring much more consciously than otherwise (in the words of my girlfriend, but which I very much agree with).

Even doing the same old quick walk in the nearby forest and fields, has proven to be a new experience every time – the trees have gone from naked to a lush, fresh green, the flowers are everywhere, the tadpoles in the pond have hatched, and the scent of the lilacs sometimes hit you before you even see the flowers themselves. It’s simply amazing!

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