Danish westcoast sunsets!

Summer was approaching, and the corona-situation in Switzerland, Germany and Denmark had cleared up enough, to allow us to go back to Denmark for a well-earned summer holiday. My parents had rented a “summerhouse” at the Danish west coast, so we went there to enjoy a week of Danish summer – including both sun and rain, reading and relaxation on the couch, looots of fish for lunch, fresh (and somewhat quick) dips in the sea, and – amazing sunsets!

Being situated on the west coast of Denmark, every evening (except one, that was overcast and rainy) had a spectacular and unique sunset. Different sizes and shapes of clouds, different colors, different waves – but all were beautiful and with the added freshness of the saltwater sea. One of the things that I really miss when in Switzerland (which is also a very nice place to be, but just can’t really compete with Denmark when it comes to saltwater and beach access ;).

The gallery should give a bit of an impression, although of course nothing that comes even close to being there in person… Ahhh…

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