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Hiking in the heart of Switzerland

This year has obviously been different from other years in many ways, but one thing did not change – summer means hiking in the Swiss mountains! And with autumn now really having arrived in Z├╝rich, I thought it a good time to finally have a look back at what we managed to do (and also, it’s not like there are going to be further summery hiking pictures this year that I could add in any case…).

In between summer holidays in Denmark and Bulgaria, we managed two hikes – both in central Switzerland, in the cantons of Nidwalden, Obwalden and Bern (although only very briefly in the latter). The first hike went to Melchsee-Frutt, a nice little mountain village close to the mountain lake Melchsee. From there we hiked up past the Tannensee to Tannalp and back again, catching a glimpse of a third lake, Engstlensee, along the way too. The weather was wonderful, the cows relaxed, and we were thoroughly enjoying finally seeing some mountains again, after basically half a year spent first in lockdown, then moving apartments and being busy at work. On the way back we completed the experience by dipping our tired feet in the lake, and having a nice piece of applepie at Melchsee.

The second hike started quite a bit further down. Our plan was to follow the hiking trail from Grafenort up to Engelberg. Initially we were a bit disheartened, first seeing that most other people on the train continued up to Engelberg to hike in the “proper” mountains, secondly as the first part of the hiking route was close to a somewhat busy road. “Ah well”, we thought, and tried to enjoy the walk even so. After a bit, the first surprise came – a tall waterfall suddenly appearing out of almost nowhere, and looking absolutely stunning in the morning sun. That already lifted our spirits, but they would be taken to new heights shortly after, as we passed the hydropower plant at Obermatt…

After this, the trail was suddenly far away from the roads, and not only did the scenery change to be more or less a canyon with an at places rather wild river, the trail also crossed over it at several places with a total of 6 hanging bridges. We were in for a bit of adventure!

Having thoroughly enjoyed the hike, we made it to Engelberg, where we then, after a well-deserved lunch, continued to hike up to Untertr├╝bsee, for an equally-well-deserved cup of coffee and piece of cake (yes, I enjoy the coffee and cake almost as much as the hike itself ;) to round off everything. We then headed back to Engelberg, visited the monastery and bought a bit of tasty local cheese, before heading back home. All in all, another pair of wonderful summery hikes!

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