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If a tree falls in the forest…

On December 25th we usually visit my moms oldest brother (together with a good part of their rather large family) in the western part of Jutland. Quite a bit of pine forest around, which had been marked by the recent couple of storms we’ve been having during the last few months. Several of our usually-used paths were blocked, and at one place a large area had been completely swept clear of any trees that had dared approaching more than one or two meters above ground. Incredible forces at play, that’s for sure…

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Christmas tree timelapse

As usual, we spent some of the evening on December 23rd decorating our Christmas tree – and I thought I’d try playing around a bit with some timelapse photography. Apart from not having set the camera to manual exposure (to avoid the slight flickering whenever the exposure changes), and the lighting being not completely optimal, it still worked quite well… Merry Christmas!

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Rllmuk photo competition – September 2013 – Subject: Contrast

Continuing the posts on the Rllmuk photo competitions, next in line is September 2013, with ‘Contrast’ as the subject. I was rather lacking inspiration for this, and tried out a number of different things before ending up at something I liked enough to enter. Read on for the process, and a couple of intermediate photos.

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Rllmuk photo competition – August 2013 – Subject: Turn

For the last couple of years I’ve been somewhat active on rllmuk – an internet forum mostly dedicated to gaming, but with numerous subforums and smaller communities – including one dedicated to photography and other creative arts, where I’ve been taking part in a monthly photo competition. It’s just for fun (winner gets to choose the subject for next month) and typically with 8-10 entrants, so it’s nothing big, but the quality is quite high, the low volume makes sure that no photos get lost in the flood, and as it’s the first time I’ve been doing stuff like this, I find it very interesting (and challenging!) to actually have a theme that I need to shoot a photo for.
Thus, I thought that I’d do a small writeup for some of the entries I’ve provided for the contests during the last months. First one up is from August 2013, where the subject was “Turn”.

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A slightly shameless plug

There’s a nice company in Denmark doing canvas print of photos called Sumopix – I have a 100x60cm canvas of one my photos (a lotus flower in a small water basin outside a temple overlooking Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan) decorating one of the walls in my living room, and am really happy with it. Interesting thing is, they also let individuals apply for approval as “artists”, and will then let you upload your own photos to their artist database, for others without photos of their own to use. Should someone else decide to order a canvas print of one…

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Post Danmark Rundt 2013

Last week, one of the largest annual sports events in Denmark took place – Post Danmark Rundt 2013. Like previous years, one of the stages passed through my home town Vejle, including several climbs up the rather steep Kiddesvej, where I (together with my camera and quite a lot of other spectators) had found a good spot to get a look at the action. Getting some decent shots proved harder than hoped though – getting composition and focus right, while also trying not to hit any of the riders with my zoomed-in tele-lens ended up giving me quite a lot…

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My youtube channel

My headline currently talks about “computers, robots and photos”, and while there has already been posts on the first and the latter, robots have been missing. Mostly due to my current job at Newtec not having quite the same opportunities for messing around with robots, as my old job in Robolab at the University of Southern Denmark. In any case, during my time in Robolab, I created quite a few videos of my projects, which can still be found on my youtube channel. I’ll see if I can get some videos of some more current projects put together also in…

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Amazing sunset

Had an amazing sunset on the last day of my summer-holiday, with the sun basically shining up on the clouds from below. Lying on the couch watching Top Gear, I had to hurry outside with the camera once I noticed what was going on. Managed to get a few shots, although they don’t really do it justice.

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Egeskov Castle

As summer is upon Denmark (and holiday is upon me), I chose to spend the day at Egeskov Castle. Took the bike, which gave me a nice 2 hour ride in each direction. Weather was great, although a pure blue sky does look rather dull in a photo. I’ve had too many summers with bad weather in Denmark to be able to complain about that though ;)

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