Danish westcoast sunsets!

Summer was approaching, and the corona-situation in Switzerland, Germany and Denmark had cleared up enough, to allow us to go back to Denmark for a well-earned summer holiday. My parents had rented a “summerhouse” at the Danish west coast, so we went there to enjoy a week of Danish summer – including both sun and rain, reading and relaxation on the couch, looots of fish for lunch, fresh (and somewhat quick) dips in the sea, and – amazing sunsets!

Being situated on the west coast of Denmark, every evening (except one, that was overcast and rainy) had a spectacular and unique sunset. Different sizes and shapes of clouds, different colors, different waves – but all were beautiful and with the added freshness of the saltwater sea. One of the things that I really miss when in Switzerland (which is also a very nice place to be, but just can’t really compete with Denmark when it comes to saltwater and beach access ;).

The gallery should give a bit of an impression, although of course nothing that comes even close to being there in person… Ahhh…

Spring in lockdown

Like most of the rest of the world, Switzerland is currently in a state of lockdown. Luckily not as bad as in other places though, meaning that I’ve still been able to go out and enjoy the fabulous spring we’ve been having (of course while keeping a good distance to other people with the same idea).

Maybe it’s due to not being able to just pick and choose between all the various options usually available in and around Zürich – or maybe it’s just the amazing weather – but I’m feeling as if I’ve been (and am!) enjoying spring much more consciously than otherwise (in the words of my girlfriend, but which I very much agree with).

Even doing the same old quick walk in the nearby forest and fields, has proven to be a new experience every time – the trees have gone from naked to a lush, fresh green, the flowers are everywhere, the tadpoles in the pond have hatched, and the scent of the lilacs sometimes hit you before you even see the flowers themselves. It’s simply amazing!


Hmm… Lately it seems that my posts have gotten a bit too seasonal, as in, one per season – but at least there are posts! Things are busy, and the lack of real winter (with rain instead in many places) has limited the amount of winter hiking that we’ve felt like doing – but not completely eliminated it ;)

Back in January, we spent a day in Braunwald. A car-free city (seeing as a train is only way to get there) in Glarus, not too far from Zürich, but still very much in the “real” mountains. The weather was great, although a bit hazy, and except for a couple of segments on the route that were a bit unpleasant in the somewhat warm conditions, it was an amazing hike – great views, lovely food, and just finally a bit of snow!

A few weeks later, I made it up to Uetliberg early in the morning to catch a bit of golden morning light. I was lucky enough to have chosen a day with very clear weather also – giving a near-perfect view of the alps – including peaks such as Eiger and Mönch. Sadly no snow like two years ago, but still a decent and very refreshing way to spend a Saturday morning.


I’ve stated it at least a couple of times on here, that I’m quite fond of autumn – yes, it’s usually colder, wetter and darker than summer, but with the added freshness and better opportunities for coziness inside, and the fact that it also gets absolutely beautiful, definitely means that autumn has something going for it also.

Due to a slightly busy calendar for both me and my girlfriend, we sadly haven’t made it out on any longer hikes during the past months, but at least Zürich with its surroundings is not too bad either. Spending a few hours at the lake, going for a quick walk in the nearby forest, or doing my now traditional autumn-trip to Albis Hochwacht, is something that is quick and flexible to plan, and can be fitted in on demand when time and weather allows. And bringing the camera along, allows to capture a few of the wonderful scenes.

The set of pictures below is a mix of some of these – with a few from Lyon added. I went there on a work-related trip, so there wasn’t much time for dedicated photography, but the location was well-placed to give me a walk through the expansive Parc de la Tête d’Or every morning – complete with amazing colors, geese and lots of squirrels.

Summer hiking

Regular followers of my blog might have been a bit confused by the apparent lack of hiking pictures from Switzerland this summer. Well, it’s been busy! Luckily only in the sense that I haven’t had time to put up the pictures – as I did actually manage a good handful of hikes ;)

The first went to the Valünertal in Lichtenstein in early June. My parents came to visit Petya and I, so we all went for a hike in the quite remote valley. There was a wonderful walk up through the valley, with the Valünerbach flowing alongside the path for most of the walk. Very enjoyable, and we even spotted a few groundhogs along the way. The route then went up the side of the hill, and was supposed to go all the way back along the ridge – sadly though, a snowslide had taken away a good part of the path, which we only discovered as we got to it. So down again we went, and then at least got to enjoy the Valünertal a second time – so not all bad ;)

A few weeks later we went with a couple of friends from Germany, to hike from Ebenalp, down to the very picturesque Seealpsee, passing through a cave, and the iconic Aescher-Wildkirchli Gasthaus along the way. The weather was amazing, so after enjoying a nice lunch at the lake, the others went for a quick tour in a rowboat, while I stayed at the shore to snap a few extra photos.

The next hike went to Arosa in the “real” alps. Petya was working there for the week, so I joined up for the weekend. After having done a quick trip with the lift up to Weisshorn by myself on the first day, we went for a real hike the day after, heading from Weisshorn to Hörnligrat. Not the most demanding of hikes, but just right after a long work-week for both of us. And I think that we were both happy that we chose that, rather than the “slightly” more demanding hike up one of the mountains on the other side of Arosa, that we’d also been considering…

Last but not least, we very recently also managed to put in a trip just across to the French-speaking part of Switzerland, close to Moutier. After meeting some very friendly locals, that both helped show us the way and let us see one of the local water reservoirs from inside, we started the “real” part of the hike up towards Echelles de Graitery – a set of stairs mounted directly into the rock. It definitely felt a bit like an adventure, and it also just made the contrast to what awaited us that much bigger – after dense forest, narrow paths and imposing rocks, we were just back to quiet, green fields with farms and cows at the top! After having lunch at a very homey restaurant we continued along the fields, met a bunch of more cows (and very few people), before arriving at the Gasthaus where we’d planned for a coffee – only to find out that it was closed. Or so we thought, until the owner came around and said that she could easily set us up with a coffee and some schorle – which was just what we needed :) Strengthened, we then headed down towards the trainstation at Gänsbrunnen, and our train back to Zürich.

In the end, four quite different hikes, each showing a different aspect of Switzerland (and Lichtenstein), and each with their own memorable experiences!

2x Summer holidays

Since moving to Switzerland, I’ve usually spent a week or so at home in Denmark during the summer – visiting family and friends, enjoying the seaside, and eating lots of sild. My girlfriend, originating from Bulgaria, is more or less used to the same thing, just in, well, Bulgaria. Wanting to spend the holidays together, we thus opted for doing a small tour of Europe: 15 days, about 4000km by plane, 2000km by car, 250km by train (and maybe 15km by bike) and 7 different places to sleep, in first Denmark, and then Bulgaria…

We started out enjoying some time in a summerhouse with my family near Ebeltoft, generally just relaxing, and enjoying the salty sea-water that Switzerland still hasn’t caught on to. During the last days we managed to go sightsee a bit in Aarhus, and then visit friends in Odense, before heading off to Bulgaria.

There we started with a crash-course in navigating very wet Bulgarian roads in the dark, before arriving in the Rila mountains, where we spent the first two days. Those were used to visit the very beautiful Rila Monastery, the fascinating Stob Pyramids, and 5 of the 7 breathtaking Rila Lakes. Afterwards we went on to Stara Zagora, for sightseeing, family visits, and a trip to the Shipka Memorial (and the Memorial Church), learning about the history of Bulgaria in the process. The last couple of days were spent relaxing at the beach at the seaside.

All in all, we had a fantastic time – with lots of amazing people, great weather (mostly), beautiful sunsets, views and places, quite a bit of very good food, and some photography also. The only problem was that, as always with holidays, you could always use a feeeeew days more ;)

Easter-getaway to Germany

After a trip to Kuwait and a visit from a good handful of friends from Denmark, April had already provided lots of experiences and good fun – but more was in store! With the extra holidays provided by Easter, my girlfriend and I had also planned to visit some friends living close to the Bodensee in Germany. I had driven past it on a few of the summer-holiday trips south I had been doing with my family many years ago, but had never really had the chance to do more than that – which proved to be a bit of a shame, as the area is absolutely stunning!

We stayed on the northern shore of the lake, and started out with a very nice walk through the many flowering fruit-plantations. The weather was amazing, with sun, warmth and clear blue skies, and a bit of elevation provided for some amazing views across the lake, and into Switzerland. It was even so clear, that we could see the top of Säntis (which we could also see back when we were on one of our winter hikes – just from the other side).

After a quick pit-stop, tasting some of the local wine, we walked back along the shore of the lake, enjoying the sunset. A very cozy evening and morning later, we were on our way back to Zürich – taking the ferry across the lake to Konstanz, just to really get the last part of the holiday enjoyed as much as possible.

Visit from home!

Sometimes, one of the things I miss from Denmark, is the extra week of holiday. But luckily, my friends back in Denmark still have that – meaning they once in a while have time to come visit! This was the case during the week of Easter this year, so I took up the task of making sure they got a good taste of what Switzerland has to offer.

Having spent the first two days in and closely around Zürich, I was finally able to take a day off work – so we rented a car, and went on to find some real mountains! First trip was a hike at the eastern part of Vierwaldstättersee – a very beautiful area with mountains, forests and a large lake spreading across numerous valleys (regular readers may even recognize some of the scenery from previous hikes – in particular my Schwyz hiking post from last year ;). The plan was to drive to the small town of Bauen, take the ferry to Rütli, and then hike back. This proved to even be educational, as Rütli is where the original oath of the Swiss Confederacy was sworn, and much of path we would be hiking was part of the “Weg der Schweiz” hiking route – with a stage for each of the 26 cantons.

Apart from being educational, the hike obviously also offered absolutely fantastic views – and with a quick detour to a local cheese shop, my friends definitely got to experience a good bit of Switzerland :)

On the following day, with slightly sore feet, and not feeling like spending too long in the car, we opted for a less demanding route closer to Zürich, and headed to Einsiedeln. With a first stop at the impressive monastery, we had a nice walk along the shores of the Sihlsee (learning a bit about the creation of it along the way), before enjoying a nice piece of cake at a local konditorei, and then taking a quick detour to visit Rapperswil on our way back.

My friends had another day to spend, and enjoyed some even realer mountains near Interlaken – but sadly without me, as I was back to work. All in all though, a very enjoyable week – great company, mostly great weather (especially after the first day being rainy and cold), lots of Swiss experiences, and just generally a very very good time! Now I’m hoping that they’ll go spread the word, so that I can get some more visits from home ;)


I’m still going strong on my quest to visit a new country every year – so when my girlfriend asked me if I wanted to accompany her on a combined work/mini-holiday-trip to Kuwait, I was intrigued. Obviously mostly at getting to spend a week together a bit away from the daily bustle in Zürich, but also about seeing a part of the world that I’d never visited before.

So – off we went! Going in early April, the weather was pleasantly warm – 20-25C, with quite a bit of sun – a welcome change from the still somewhat unpredictable Swiss spring weather. My girlfriend had a concert to play on our second day there, so the first two days were mostly spent relaxing at the pool, and rehearsing. Our contact in Kuwait (who was also playing in the concert) was a great host, and both made sure that everything went smoothly, and that we got to see a few sights afterwards also.

The concert went really well (to the point where they ended up with a big picture of them on the front page of one of the local newspapers!), and with that well over, we could focus a bit more on the sight-seeing part. This included the iconic Kuwait Towers (designed by a fellow Dane), the bustling Arab market, the first performance of a jazz-gospel-opera, and a visit to the impressive Al-Hashemi-II – the worlds largest dhow (a traditional Arab type of ship) – which was placed in a dry-dock right next to the hotel we were staying at, and currently housed a just-as-impressive ballroom.

All in all, Kuwait was definitely an interesting place to experience, even though much of our time was spent relaxing at the pool-side with delicious lemon-mint lemonades ;) (…and obviously also taking pictures!)

From summer to winter…

It’s been a while since my last post here – so the change from the summery photos in the last post to this, may seem a bit abrupt ;) The last six months have been busy for me though, and while I have been able to get out with the camera, I’ve rarely been able to get enough good shots to warrant a complete post.

With winter having arrived in Switzerland though, and a couple of Saturdays to spare, my girlfriend and I decided to head out for a bit of hiking in the snow. We opted for the “easy” solution, and went for prepared hiking trails without deep snow, where you can go without any fancy equipment. Instead, we brought along the cameras!

First trip was to the western part of Graubünden, where we hiked from Mundaun to Lumnezia. The weather forecast had looked a bit suspicious, but it turned out much better than we could have hoped for. Blue skies most of the time, and the clouds that we had, mostly just served to make the photos better – so except for some slightly lacking signalization of the hiking trail at times (giving us an hour of extra hiking down ski pistes and deep snow), all was good!

Next trip went to the Toggenburg area. The weather was even better, the path better marked, and absolutely wonderful. Through forests, large patches of untouched snow, and with clouds rolling in for the sunlight to play in, and all the time majestic mountain vistas on both sides. Couldn’t have been much better!