Holiday in Cervo


Rather exceptionally, this year my parents, my brother, his wife, and myself, managed to all take a week off at the same time, and choose to spend that together in Cervo in Italy. A very charming town, and fantastic food and weather made for a great week of holidays. Only problem was that it was a week or three too short!

Zürich and Uetliberg revisited


This weekend I had a good friend from Denmark visiting me in Zürich, which also meant that I had to act a bit as a tour guide. Friday afternoon (with nice sunny weather!) was spent in the city where I finally got around to climbing to the top of the Karlsturm at Grossmünster, whereas we opted for a trip up Uetliberg on Saturday. The weather was a bit more diverse than during my last hike up there, but with only a slight bit of rain for the first half of the ascent (except for a heavy thunderstorm right at the beginning, which we luckily got to watch from inside a Migros store), it wasn’t at all that bad, and the slightly more interesting sky also made for some nice photos. Oh, and Saturday evening was spent at the absolutely fantastic Coldplay concert, which was more or less just one gigantic colorful party – so all in all, not a bad weekend!

Tour de Zürichsee


Weather has gone back to being decent here in Zürich, and without other plans for the weekend, I decided on biking around lake Zürich (or, most of it at least). All in all about 80 km, with absolutely great views during most of the tour – and passing through charming towns, wine-fields and quiet parks. I obviously brought my camera along, but “sadly” the sky was just boringly blue all across ;) Got a few shots of in spite of this though, although I spent most of my energy on enjoying the tour, the views and the weather.

From Drejø to Zürich in a week


As noted in the last post, I’ve just moved to Zürich to start a new job, and pretty much also a new life. Leaving Odense after almost 14 years wasn’t easy, but the last couple of months has had me enjoy as much of it as possible – and I also barely managed to squeeze in a trip to the very small island Drejø with my choir, the last weekend before leaving for Switzerland. A great trip, and some wonderful people – which I also got a couple of pictures of.

Being in Zürich for a week now, I’ve had time to look around already. Thursday was a public holiday, the weather was great, so I decided on heading up to one of the highest points around – the Uetliberg. A 4½ hour walk with almost 500m of height difference wasn’t the most relaxing way to spend the holiday, but the fantastic views and an altogether very nice hike, more than made up for it. And yes, obviously I brought my camera also ;)

New job – new city – new country

This week I started a new job at Verity Studios – where I’m going to write software for flying machines used for live entertainment. A very exiting opportunity, which took some thought to get used to though, as it’s in Zürich – about 1200km from Odense, where I’ve spent most of the last 14 years. But – until now at least, everything is going well, although I of course miss a lot of the wonderful people back home. In any case though, my camera is probably going to like the new city with both hills, lake, rivers, old buildings, and alps in the background – but until I get around to getting some pictures up, have a video about what Verity Studios are doing:

Skiing in the Dolomites!


It’s winter! – which can mean that there’s snow in parts of Europe not all too far away from Denmark – so I jumped on a bus with a couple of friends, and headed for Canazei in the Italian Dolomites for a very nice week of skiing. The views are absolutely fabulous (at least when you’re not stuck inside a cloud), but as I deemed carrying around several kilos of camera equipment slightly detrimental to my skiing abilities, I only got around to bringing the camera onto the slopes two of the eight days – and those days didn’t have the clearest weather, but even so, made for some nice shots!

It *was* dark, but I forgot my sunglasses…


The last month has had me traveling quite a bit for work – Ireland, France and the US. On the last trip, we had a six-hour layover in Chicago on our way back, so instead of just sitting around in the airport, my colleague and I headed into the city to have a look around – main thing we discovered: a couple of hours is not nearly enough! – and I should have brought my tripod too, instead of stuffing it in my checked luggage…

Paris in autumn? Oui monsieur!


My work sometimes brings me outside Denmark – and on some of these occasions it’s possible for me to squeeze in a bit of leisure too. This time around I had to do a bit of work in France in the beginning of the week, so I departed from Denmark early, and got to spend the weekend in Paris – including enjoying the lovely autumn colors, seeing the Louvre (or well, part of it – and I thought the Met was huge!…), climbing to the top of the Notre Dame, experiencing a violin concert in the Sainte Chapelle, and eating lots of cheese and taking lots of pictures… All in all – I could think of much worse places to spend a weekend ;)

Moments from the Danish summer 2015


Autumn has arrived in Denmark – the sky is gray, the weather is wet, and it’s dark before 8 in the evening. So – a good time to reminisce a bit on some of the things I did over the past three months, and to try to clear up my Lightroom backlog a bit. (Oh, and in some of the cases I’ve experimented a bit with the post-processing, so some of the pictures may be a bit more funky than usual…)

Munkebjerg Hill Climb 2015


The summer has finally arrived in Denmark (with such a nice timing that it happened the week I went back to work after the holiday), and luckily this years classic Munkebjerg Hill Climb had been scheduled for this incredibly nice weekend. Lots and lots of cool classic cars, noise, smelly exhausts, hair-pin cornering, and me enjoying pretty much all of it. Got a couple of nice shots of it all also.